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Cameroon’s Kribi city to host “Mother of Mankind” monument
The Cameroonian seaside city of Kribi (South) has been chosen to host the highest monument dedicated to the “Mother of humanity” and offered to the world by the American people, according to the charity foundation Act of Random Kindness (ARK) Jammers Connection, which is the author of the initiative.
As a gift from the people of the United States of America to Africa, to thank it and its people for their outstanding and incalculable contribution to the construction of the world, ease tensions and promote peace in the world by inviting all men to practice the same unconditional love and the same generosity, Mother of Mankind monument will be the highest bronze monument-building ever built on the continent.
Built on a surface area of 80 hectares, the bronze monument will include 29 floors for a total height of 95 meters.
The project also intends to build 54 houses of culture in each African country around the monument. The cost of the work, estimated at $ 200 million, will be funded by donations from African-American celebrities from the worlds of art, media, business and politics. Cameroon was in competition with Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria and Tanzania.Mother of humanity monument]]>

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