ACC Team at Promote

Promote opening Ceremony ACC Founding president and Guests

Top left ACC Founding President Mary Concilia ANCHANG at the Promote official Ceremony, middle, Mr Christophe EKEN, Président of CCIMA Douala


Visitors ACC Stand

Cooperation Signatures, ACC and Chambre d’Italo Arabe Italy

Cooperation ties, ACC and Chambre d’Ascholi Piceno Italy

Visit of  BODY Flavia CEO BCBG Fashion Agency at PROMOTE

ACC_Italo Arabo partnership cooperation ties

B2B meeting with the Embassador of Central African Republic embassy in Cameroon at Promote

B2B  meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Plan and Economy (MINEPAT)

B2B with Mr MBOG Moise Assistant to the Minister of Communication



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