<![CDATA[A Fashion Mood is announced for Italy in July and September 2017
As from July 29th 2017
The fabrics for the promotion of young talents.
“The Fabric Program” is the initiative launched by Milano Unica, CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and the Milano Unica exhibitors to promote young talents.
This second edition aims at facilitating the communication between the sector’s leading companies and the designers associated with in the most important US fashion institution, bringing together American designers and the best Italian Italian fabric manufacturers and increasing their knowledge about Made-in-Italy techniques and production methods.
Three designers: 
1-Rachel Comey for women,
2-Siki Im for men and
3-Jonathan Meizler (Title of Work) for accessories.
They were given an opportunity to work with the fabrics and accessories presented during the past edition of Milano Unica. The materials will be used for the new collections to be presented during the New York Fashion Week.
Thanks to the contribution by ICE Agency, the three designers had a chance to visit the businesses in loco and Rachel Comey will attend the trade show next July.
July 11-13, 2017 Rho Fiera Milan
The Fall/Winter 2018-2019 edition of Milano Unica, the Italian textiles and accessories trade show that responds to the emerging trends of the top end fashion industry, will open its doors on July 11, anticipating the usual appointment by two months.
A look into the future of Italy’s best tradition is the leitmotif of the exhibition that gathers the top players in the market: in the three days of the trade show, over 400 businesses will showcase their top production, the result of increasingly innovative production processes. Good taste, fine craftsmanship and expertise combine to develop internationally recognized top quality products.
Past, present and future on a seamless line for a unique story all worth discovering.
Participating in Milano Unica means coming into contact with the world of top end fashion and being constantly updated on sector news.
Milano Unica anticipates the future by introducing the new July appointment that replaces the September exhibition to better respond to the ongoing changes in the world of fashion.
Become an exhibitor
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