Lome, Togo, 23-27 October 2017

Building bridges towards greater shared prosperity

The Africa-Israel Summit presents a framework that will permit the leaders of the trade, security and diplomatic sectors of Africa and Israel to meet, network and collaborate.


The emerging global market

According to the African Development Bank (AFDB), the population of Africa is slated to double by 2050, with the continent set to become home to the world’s youngest population, with an emerging middle class of urban consumers, for the next forty years. Annual economic growth across the continent has averaged 4.5% since 2000 and is forecast to outstrip that of any other world region between now and 2030. This economic dynamism is associated with expanding clout in the diplomatic, geopolitical, security and commercial arenas. Simply put, Africa is facing a genuine opportunity to become a global power in the economic arena.


The start-up nation

Israel benefits from both a stable and diversified economy that notably boasts profitable agricultural and industrial sectors. Israel is a world leader in water technology through desalination and recycling of water.Israel has become a thriving hotbed in terms of research, development, medicine and hi-tech innovation. Furthermore, the nation remains the global leader in the fields of security and counter-terrorism, which constitute a pertinent challenge to African stability, and demonstrates a validated track record of providing such expertise to its partner nations throughout the globe.

Strengthening economic and diplomatic ties between Africa and Israel

African states provide Israel with numerous critical and profitable opportunities for cooperation across a wide array of sectors including security, trade, diplomacy, development, industrialisation, counter-terrorism and technology. At present, the full potential of African and Israeli partnership remains insufficiently exploits with few existent avenues which produce, sustain and reinforce collaboration. In this context, the opportunities for trade and cooperation between Africa and Israel are virtually limitless in all fields.

The Republic of Togo shall serve as the host nation of the Africa-Israel Summit.

Togo is a beacon of political stability and economic dynamism in West Africa. The country is at the forefront of the strengthening of ties between Africa and Israel and is a central actor for the resolution of African regional conflicts. The capital, Lomé, has undergone a spectacular renewal in recent years. The road system has been refurbished, a new international airport was inaugurated while several world-class hotels have opened their doors. In addition, leading African financial institutions such as Orabank and Ecobank have set up regional headquarters in the city.

The country benefits from a liberal economy and a free trade zone for exportation where hundreds of businesses have set up of shop. In addition, the Port of Lomé is the leading harbor of the region and the regional airline Asky has installed its headquarters at the Lomé Airport.

Togo has also massively invested in infrastructures in order to create the conditions of a sustained and solid and economic growth as well as in new technologies including the development of a fiber optic network in order to offer high speed internet access throughout the nation including in rural and isolated regions.

Finally, the stunning success of the October 2016 Summit on Maritime Security served as a manifest demonstration of Lomé’s status as a regional diplomatic and economic hub and as a leading spot to host international conferences.

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