ACC is stratified into a well organised structure so as to accomplish its vision and mission. It is made up of three main organs:

  • The Executive Office,
  • The General Assembly
  • The Board of Directors

The Executif Office is ACC’s executing organ. It is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Board of Directors decisions. It prepares and coordinates the implementation of various ACC plans and activities. It equally prepares the financial and technical implementation reports and proposes and implements corrective action where necessary.

The EO is comprised of the following members

  • The President of the African Chamber of Trade and Commerce
  • Honorary Presidents
  • The President (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • The Executive Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Executive Director
  • Technical Advisers
  • The Executive Assistant

The Board of Director’s is ACC’s supreme organ which is charge of determining the chambersstrategic direction, ensuring its coordination, and carrying out its decision-making process. It is comprised of 4 members; The Chairman, the president of Commission and 2 appointed members.

Board of Directors meetings are held quarterly to evaluate the chambers activities during the given period and to provide guidance for the organisation’s advancement. They do not have a standard venue and can be held in different areas depending of the emergency.

The board equally operates through a yearly plan of action which contains all the programmes and activities outlined with deadlines to achieve target objectives.