CUISINA Tunisia_ACC Trade facilitation

image002 (1)The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce (ACC) Business and Economy commission Paul ANCHANG, and the Secretary General of ACC, held a business meeting with Mr HAMZA Mohamed, Business Export Manager of CUISINA Tunisia on a Business visit in Yaounde Cameroon, from the 4th -7th April 2016 at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel.

Bringing the B2B event to Africa – Tunisia Cameroon for the first time. This major forum gathered the world’s who’s who of the Trade Industry and provided to attending business men and participants exciting opportunities offered by Tunisia in the various business background,

7th Maritime salvage & Casualty Response 7-8 september 2016- LONDON, UK

7th Maritime salvage & Casualty Response
7-8 september 2016- LONDON, UK

Gaining Operational, Legal & Commercial Advantages From Practical Salvage Case Studies

ACI’s 7th Maritime Salvage & Casualty Response Conference will aim to address both the technical challenges of salvage operations as well as the legal, insurance and commercial implications through recent case studies and expert views from senior level representatives in the salvage industry.

Key Topics Include:
-2016 Salvage Market Update.

Field of dreams

Field of Dreams is Community Empowerment Center with a group of passionate individuals who are driven to serve, influence, impact and bring about positive and sustainable community initiatives and projects to underprivileged people, locally, nationally and around the Nations of the World.

Field of Dreams is centered and dedicated to empowering,

COP21 Agreement, Paris dec 2015

cop-21After several days of negotiations, an Agreement was finally attained between 195 Nations, the Agreement will be open for signature next April, and will come into force in January 2020. Although it may not meet everyone’s expectations, it’s an agreement that everyone can contribute to.

The specified objective of the Agreement is to;
-Hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 ˚C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels.

ACC Environment and Energy

ACC Environment and Energy

The Environment and Energy Commission makes recommendations for business on significant regulatory and market issues concerning energy and environment.

About the commission

It acts as a voice for global business, representing the interests of ACC members in global dialogues related to these issues.
Since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, the need for sustainable use of resources and respect for the environment has become increasingly apparent.
The Commission helps ACC act as business’s primary interlocutor and partner in key intergovernmental negotiations and dialogue,

Violent attacks spreading through the Gulf of Guinea.

Violent attacks spreading through the Gulf of Guinea.

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is becoming increasingly dangerous (34 incidents from January to September 2012, up from 30 last year) and has pushed westward from Benin to neighbouring Togo.

IMB said attacks are often violent, planned and aimed at stealing refined oil products which can be easily sold on the open market. To cover their tracks once the vessel is hijacked, pirates damage the communication equipment and at times even the navigation equipment.



Portable swimming pool #1

Length: 18 feet
Breath: 9 feet
Depth: 52 inches/ 4.34 feet
Capacity: 90% i.e. 17700 liters

(1) Frame pool
(2) Sand filter pump
(3) Groundsheet
(4) Dust cover
(5) Ladder

Portable swimming pool #2

Diameter: 15 feet
Depth: 3 feet
Capacity: 90%

(1) Frame pool
(2) Sand filter pump
(3) Dust cover
(4) Ladder

Contact us for more information at:

Tel.: +237 676 963 980 / 699 568 151/242 640 074

5 things you should NEVER do to your Android smartphone

Any smartphone user feels it necessary to know about tricks that keep their phones either safer or faster. In this article, we are about to introduce to you 5 things you should never do to your Android devices, to keep the performance at its best.

1. Install battery saving apps

Actually, opposite to what many of us think, most battery saving apps do your smartphone more harm than good. If you make a simple logical consideration,