This commission is in charge of external trade, commerce and IPR matters. The commission will examine trade agreements and trade tools such as, AGOA, Economic Partnerships Agreements EPA (French “ APE”), The OMC Marrakech Agreement, as well as the ICC 2010 INCOTERMS Rules, to facilitate harmonious application of economic and trade tools, while enhancing  Africa`s competition in the world market through capacity building initiatives and programs.

OHADA Business law is an unequivocal tool for trade and investment within the member countries. A comprehensive understanding of OHADA Laws by key players will increase visibility and credibility in the legal system, given the multicultural background of laws in Africa. Enforceability of the law and adaptation of the same to meet market and business needs, especially in matters of compliance constitutes a key area of focus for ACC.

ACC advocates judicial security.

Identify lucrative areas of R&D, with recognized persons and institutions to enhance IPR visibility and ensure implementation of research findingsthrough resolutions, declarations and decisions at regional and international level for economic development in Africa.

Organize training workshops with key players including isolated researchers with the view to building capacity, and increased know how in various domains. Thus, incite governments to make key policy decisions with effective budgets in matters of R&D in order to encourage and facilitate wealth creation, through virtual asset ownership