<![CDATA[ACC, Joint Business Partnership agreement enters into force with la Chambre de Commerce d’Ascoli Piceno-Italy.

ACC, Joint Business Partnership agreement enters into force. The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce (ACC) Yaounde Cameroon with its founding President, Mary Concilia ANCHANG with ˵La Chambre d’Ascoli Piceno-Italy represented by its President Rolando Rosetti (PP) and his Vice President Giancarlo Romanucci (CCIAA) on the 16th February 2017, at the International Exhibition for enterprises SME and Partnerships of Yaounde-PROMOTE 2017.

‘’ ACC is an innovative private sector business vector, working through a Federated Network of Chamber activity wherein; stakeholders, businesses and institutions trading and investing across Africa are able to make conscious business decisions based on where, how and when to undertake competitive business opportunities around the world, relying on unequivocal verifiable information’’]]>

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