<![CDATA[Welcome to the 5th edition:  SPA EXPO 5th to Saturday 8th of April 2017 at the expositions Park of Tunis-Carthage, Le Kram.
The 5th edition of the Tunisian exhibition of balneaology, hydrotherapy and  medical tourism, «Spa Expo», will be held from Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th of April 2017 at the expositions Park of Tunis-Carthage, Le Kram.
A specialized Fair
«Spa Expo» is a fair of innovation, creativity and new technologies related to the areas of balneology, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, physiotherapy and medical and health tourism.
«Spa Expo» is considered as the showroom of the health cure and SPA treatments centers and the meeting point of all the water healthcare and wellness professions.
«Spa Expo» is dedicated to all the product and service producers, industrials, and consumers concerned and related to the thalassotherapy, medical tourism and wellness industries.
The core mission of this fair is, one side, to give the opportunity to exhibitors to present, promote and sell their offerings, and on the other side to give the chance to visitors to be updated with the latest trends and collect beneficial information.


In this way, the key component of «Spa Expo» is to grant to participants the possibility, both exhibitors and visitors, to expand their business networking and thus increase their social capital.

International in Tunisia

Spa Expo» is an international fair where exhibitors from all around the world gather in the same spirit to present their products and services, enhance their brand notoriety and image and target new potentials customer segments.«Spa Expo» is an international business fair that ensures various opportunities for its exhibitors and visitors coming from all over the world, especially from North Africa, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. «Spa Expo» is organized in Tunis, capital of Tunisia, Nobel Peace prize laureate of 2015 center of the Mediterranean basin and within two flying hours from the major European capitals such as Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid, Berlin.

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars on several topics will be organized during «Spa Expo».

The tourism fairs: five in one

«Spa Expo’s» exhibitors and visitors will take advantage of the organisation of the four other fairs that will take place at the same venue and during the same period i.e. «M.I.T» (International Tourism Market), «Horeca Expo» (equipment and services for hotels and restaurants), «Boat Show» (yachting and nautical activities) and «Golf and Sport Show».

M.A.P organization

«Spa Expo»” is an annual fair organised by the company M.A.P (Marketing Advertising & Publishing) that also organises the four other fairs, publishes the bi-monthly magazine «Tourisme Info» and the tourism directories «Annuaires du Tourisme» and manages the tourism observatory «Observatoire du Tourisme».
Registration and Participation The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce (ACC) info@africanchamber-abo.org

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