ACC’s President,Barrister Mary Concilia Anchang elected National President of the Business Law Commission

An Elective General Assembly of the renowned and respected Association of Cameroon Female Jurists (ACAFEJ), was held this weekend in Yaoundé Cameroon.
The Founding President and Chair of  The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce (ACC), Barrister Mary Concilia Anchang was elected National President of the Business law Commission.
In this capacity she will work to coordinate Business law matters at all levels on behalf the association both domestic and international. A more than two decades old association (ACAFEJ), has greatly advocated and accompanied the advancement and carriers of Professional women in Cameroon at several levels.
Barrister Mary Concilia Anchang in taking this office looks to work endlessly with her team to ensure that business law becomes an effective instrument to promote gender equality in entrepreneurship, thereby including more women entrepreneurs in Cameroon’s objective to greater economic emergence by the year 2035.
Barrister Mary Concilia Anchang also observes and realizes existing shortcomings which stand as obstacles to the expansion of women entrepreneurs and jurists in Cameroon. Nevertheless there are available resources and materials to enhance the economic and professional capacity of Cameroonian women. Women are very dynamic and structured in their approach and when provided with proper guidance and structures, they can make significant contributions which impact industrial, economic and capacity growth in the local transformation industries. Considering that SME’s are a key vector to promote value chains in any economy, women will add significant progress in Cameroon’s import and export market in goods and services if given valuable opportunities and platforms.

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