The path is laid-out for thousands of young compatriots willing to participate in the construction of our nation. Young Cameroonians living abroad and promoters of professional or entrepreneurial projects can henceforth settle in the country. By creating the Pari-jedi, the head of State is calling and encouraging them to become more interested in the life of Cameroon. Moreover, this presidential initiative undoubtedly helps to prevent irregular migration and to diversity the skills of our Diaspora.
“Following the three-year plan and many other Government initiatives  for  young  people, the president of the Republic, Paul Biya authorized to target youths  of the Diaspora: the Assistance Programme  of the return and integration of young Cameroonians of the Diaspora, is known as (pari-jedi) in its French acronym. It is “a modern mechanism for the mobilization of young Cameroonians abroad with a view to their return and their economic integration”.
As a reminder, the Government has since 2005, been undertaking   projects to draw the attention of its Diaspora. In fact, in 2005, after the creation of the Division of Cameroonians Abroad in Ministry of External Relations, a frame work for the elaboration of a national policy of the integrated management of relations with the Diaspora was established. It saw the light of day since 2006, notably with the organization of and international colloquium on the theme “Diaspora and Development in European African relation,” by the Ministry of external Relations. This event allowed us to set up a platform to In Africa, Europe, Asia and America.
The Cameroon MIDA project, also implemented by the Government, under the impulse of the Ministry of external Relations, is another initiative targeting the Diaspora. This project, which was launched on 1st January 2015, with funding from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), lasted 18 months. It was indented to address the human resource deficiencies in the health and higher education sectors. Two processes were intended to mobilize the Cameroonian Diaspora. All These initiatives showcase the Head of State’s interest and concern for the Diaspora, a major player in the building of an emerging Cameroon.

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