Visit of ACC President to UNICA Milano Fabrics, Textiles and Accessories Festival, Italy.

The CNA National Confederation of Crafts for Small and Medium Enterprises in Milan Italy FEDERMODA and MODA IN ITALY.
Both structures had been in existence for about 70 years representing and protecting the interests of micro, small and medium size enterprises, operating in sectors of manufacturing, construction, services, transport, trade and tourism, small and medium sized industries, and in general of the business world.

MODA IN ITALY organizes promotional activities in the fashion industry on the target markets (like participation at the specialized trade fairs and events to target country markets, sector surveys and communication , publicity campaign actions) with specialized operators, creators and experts looking for new fashion collections by facilitating the contracts between parties.

A visit with ORIGIN, PASSION and BELIEFS was one of the highpoints of this visit.

ACC’s will through the Commission on Communication, Culture, Arts and Ecotourism looks to build strong partnerships with Italian businesses to promote entrepreneurial skills in the mode industry for young African creators designers and manufactures of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in the Fashion industry.
Training and festival events to showcase achievements will  shape, fortify  and crown these partnerships going forward.

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