<![CDATA[The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce took part at The Cameroon Investment FORUM (CIF of the 09-10th November 2017 in the Party house Bonanjo-Cameroon on the theme: "Linking Project promoters and technical/financial partners for the development of local industry and the attraction of Foreign Direct Investments"
Under the distinguished patronage of the The President of the Republic of Cameroon, an initiative of the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) "Cameroon is a haven of Peace, a state of law, a state of liberty. Her instituttions are stable, functional and harmonious. They are easily adaptable to society's evolutions to always guarantee social peace; security of persons and property and to ascertain the political stability of the country. In the world today and particularly in Africa, it appears, these are irresistible assets for investors" extract of the speech of the opening ceremony of the Yaounde International Economic Conference on 17th May 2016 in Yaounde.
Highlights of the Cameroon Investment FORUM


ACC staff B2B meeting with Jun XIA, Division Manager Assistant &  Hui WEI, Market Development Manager of the China Machinery Engineering Corporation.

Finance & Investment Commission of ACC Paul Yuh meeting with Mrs Odette Simo, General Manager (FITCO) First International Transit Company, Douala Cameroon

B2B with Mr Réné TAKAM, General Manager TRALEX SA, Transit and Logistic Express, Douala Cameroon

B2B with staff of the BGFI Bank, Chargé de Relation Clientèle PMI/PME Douala Cameroon

Mrs Ruth Tembe EPIE & Mr YAP of the AVICOMM, stategic Communications, New Media, Publishing and Corporate Events, Ghana and Douala Cameroon

B2B with Hon Lucien WANTOU SIANTOU, Chairman of SIANTOU AFRICA BUILDING, Fabrice FUNIBA Associate Consultant at CIF Douala Cameroon


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