<![CDATA[ACC SME Connect Training Workshop for the South Region (Kribi)
16th &  17th January  2018, Paradis Hotel, Kribi.
The African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) on November 20th, 2017, in partnership with the United Nations Economic Council (UNECA), and under the patronage of The Ministry of Economy and Plan and Regional Development (MINEPAT) and the Ministry of Commerce (MINCOMMERCE) held its 1st Edition of “Journee Economique ACC” (ACC Economic Day) at the Hilton Hotel in Yaoundé.
The theme being: « Quality, Performance, Production and Competitiveness of Local Products and Services in the Agro-Industry and related manufacturing industries.”
This forum was an all inclusive initiative to permit Cameroonian businesses especially in agri-business and their stake holding partners from all regions involved in food, crop, animal farming and related businesses to converge at a common venue and compare notes. The idea is, to encourage local businesses to work together and appreciate doing business together, for collective profit, in a true spirit of “vivre ensemble”. It also offers a platform to address issues in sustainable development agriculture. Our Focus is to apply innovative tools that will enhance the bottom to top working approach at all levels.
ACC seeks to facilitate access to knowledge and update capacity building skills for actors in the field. Acc’s experience on the field has led to observation that many efforts are being deployed by government and development partners to grow the agro-business value chain in Cameroon. Our statistics show that, for significant and revolutionary change to occur in this sector, there is need to implement the Bottom to Top operational models to involve all key actors and categories of persons for guaranteed commitment, sustainability and competitiveness in a given industry especially, Agri-business.
The ACC is a unique and innovative platform aimed at facilitating sustained contact between major and junior Agri-entrepreuneurs for enhanced visibility in their activities and possible lucrative partnerships for sustained productivity. The target is to bring together and share across the board Agro-business know-how and experiences for start-ups by experienced corporations in collaboration with stakeholders.
Thus, in the spirit of strengthening public-private partnerships and facilitating the success of North-South entrepreneurship for SME’s, ACC’s 1st Economic Day is aimed at promoting the Agro-business industry in Cameroon, for maximum visibility in government and private sector actions working to promote agro-business for a developing and emergent economy. The 1st Edition Economic Day resulted in recommendations for SME’s in agri-business in Cameroon.
In following with the ACC Resolution “Create an SME Connect Platform to ease capacity building in identified areas of need for improved competitiveness”, A a training workshop for over 300 rural women in agri-business on cultivation of plantain, maize and other crops will be organised. These women hail from the southern region of Cameroon and belong to over twenty SME’s and some GICs.
The ACC SME Connect cited platform for agri-preneurs to be launched in kribi on January 16th & 17th January 2018, with women and farmers from the south region represented through several stages of animal and crop farming through (CIGs) and cooperatives, marks the beginning of ACC’s action plan for 2018.
In creating ACC SME Connect common regional platforms ACC seeks to use the bottom to Top working approach to build reliable SMEs and value chains in Africa. This event will witness presentations and testimonies from some experts and the farmers themselves.
The anticipated result of this initiative is to improve on the quality and services of Cameroonian SME’s to sustain production in agri-business at all levels, to fight poverty and enhance proper and affordable nutrition for better social and economic welfare conditions. The 1st Edition Economic Day resulted in recommendations for SME’s in agri-business in Cameroon.
For more information about the event, please contact the African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) at 🙁 237) 693 825 242/ 668 175 272 / 695 228 348

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