Need For Local Processing Emphasized

Discussion on ways to make SMEs more performant was the focus of the first edition of The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce  (ACC) Economic Day.

The need to encourage local processing of food by making small and medium sized enterprises more performant has come under focus at the first edition of The African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) Economic Day. The event which took place in Yaoundé, Monday November 20, 2017 was staged under the theme » Quality performance, production and competitiveness of local products and services in the agro-industry and related manufacturing industries ».
While delivering a keynote adress the opening of the ACC Economic Day, Govannie Biha, Deputy Executive Secretary of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa disclosed that the central African sub-region spends about FCFA 2 billion yearly on food importation. She said foreign currency is being spent to purchase goods which can be produced locally. According to Govannie Biha, should local transformation be valorized, it will scale up agricultural production. « There is the possibility of transformation these productions to a whole value chain », she suggested..

A word from Key Note Speaker, Ms Govanie Biha

The Deputy Executive Secretary is confident that opportunities are there and that African continent has a ready market, but she holds that : « we have to make sure that there is coherence and link between policies for a small and medium sized enterprises and trade policies. ».
To Mary Concilia Anchang, Founding President of ACC. « Agri-business is strategie. Ownership, knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing are key components for economic growth. Policies to fund research and developement need revolutionary updating in Africa. »

Opening Speech of the Founding President

The Founding President of ACC told reporters that the ACC Economic Day is a unique model to illustrate how the bottonm to top all-inclusive approach can work best to encourage value chain by agri-preneurs, in response to the UN sustainable developement goal in developing countries and emerging markets, for Africa’s economic prosperity.
It should be noted the ACC is an African based initiative created to facilitate trade between African and her partners around the globe. The ACC provides a platform to visionaries within the continent and the Diaspora to better utilise and expoit Africa’s unqualified socio-cultural and economic potential for Africa’s development and emergence.



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