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« Coton-Textile Garments and Accessories manufacturing and Transformation for Africa’s Economic Growth.

Pursuant to the organized ACC Economic Day held on November 20th 2017 in Yaounde, patronized by the Cameroon government in partnership with the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) is honored to welcome you to the 1st Edition of ACC the International Manufacturing & Transformation Forum (M&T FORUM) from November 28th to December 1st 2018 in Kribi.

This is an all-inclusive initiative by ACC to permit SME’s, Cameroonian businesses, international partners, startups, and all stake holding partners from all regions involved in the textile industries and related businesses to converge at a common venue. The idea is, to encourage local businesses to work together and appreciate doing business together, for collective profit, in a true spirit of “vivre ensemble”. It also offers a platform to address issues in sustainable development in the textile industry in Cameroon and Africa.
It is a unique and innovative platform aimed at facilitating sustained contact between major and junior entrepreneurs for enhanced visibility in their activities and possible lucrative partnerships. The target is to bring together and share across the board business know-how and experiences for start-ups by experienced corporations in collaboration with stakeholders in the confection industry.

ACC observes that, efforts to build sustainable start-ups continue to be inefficient in many sectors in the African Textile industry. Faced with these imminent challenges and obstacles, most start-ups shut down when they have barely started. This strongly affects the growth rate of businesses and our markets.
The ACC SME CONNECT PLATFORM is one of the resolutions of the ACC Economic Day to promote sector by sector economic development strategies to influence production and competitiveness in our markets. The 1st Edition of ACC International Manufacturing & Transformation Forum (M&T FORUM) proposes an experience sharing encounter with major players whose businesses have thrived over time. This should encourage starts-ups and others on how to be resistant and resilient in their business endeavors, irrespective of inherent difficulties.
Good governance practices oblige and lead to good results in all fields. Also start-ups will learn ways of being resilient and find ways of fitting themselves in the value chain of production and services in the industry. The anticipated result is to improve trade through sustained production in quality and quantity for goods and services in the African Textile industry so we can take advantage of the free market zone.

Thus, in the spirit of strengthening public-private partnerships and facilitating the success of North-South entrepreneurship for SMEs, ACC’s 1st Edition ACC International M&T Forum is a workshop and networking event aimed at promoting the Textile industry in Cameroon and within the CEMAC region. This will allow for maximum visibility in government and private sector initiatives working to promote the textile industry in Cameroon and Africa for developing and emergent economies.
This network platform with B2B networking meetings taking place throughout the forum is key to the organizers. As such, participants will communicate, exhibit, and network to promote their products and services to the public. This opportunity should bring together a significant number of key actors working in related sectors in the value chain in the textile industry.
The anticipated result is to improve on the synergy in the production of quality goods and services in order to, guarantee sustained production at all levels in the textile manufacturing and transformation industry for optimal competitiveness and opportunities in the African Textile industrial value chain. This should sustain economic growth to fight poverty, create jobs and make Kribi an attractive financial and business hub.

ACC ‘s target is to set standards where, businesses share across the board business initiatives through reliable partnerships and ventures to share know-how, with proven skills and experiences to assist start-ups, through a networking opportunity, mentored by experienced corporations in a chosen industry of business.
The rich, hospitable and diversified cultures, trades and services of the Cameroonian people to be exhibited and exchanged at the Kribi seaside touristic venue, coupled with the Kribi Beach Fashion festival (KBFweek) holding parallel to the ACC International (M&T FORUM) running from November 26th to December 1st 2018, in Kribi, will offer entertainment to participants, guests, visitors and tourists wishing to attend and have fun.
we urge companies/enterprises to support this event and participate in the following manner;
As members of the scientific committee;
Be Speakers and/or panelist;
Be Sponsors through an article in the Events Magazine;
Participate at the press conference to Hold in May 2018;
Take a stand at the Exhibition center/Festival.
We look forward to meeting with your office at your earliest convenience.
Most respectfully,
Mary Concilia ANCHANG
Founding Chair & President
For more information about registration and participation, please contact us at:
africanchambernetwork@gmail.com / info@africanchamber-abo.org

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