<![CDATA[The African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) would be leading a high  delegation of Business men and Companies at  the 2018 Wenzhou Zhejiang (Wenzhou) International Import Expo (WIIE) 2018, event  sponsored by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and Wenzhou Government China, to take place from Oct.26-28, at Wenzhou Expo Center-China.
ACC  hereby invites Businesses and Companies to actively participate in the Event, and cooperate to help more Chinese market, especially in Zhejiang Province and Wenzhou, to know better about Italian representative products (Food, Agricultural Products, Daily-using items, Health Care,  and various Tourism Resources including Brand Promotion, Culture Performance/Exchange, Open day, Fashion sharing, the presence of your company would be highly valued to make this happen.
For more information about participation, please contact the ACC Secretariat at:
info@africanchamber-abo.org or africanchambernetwork@gmail.com Telephone: (237) 242 640 074 / 679 970 049

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