Created in November 2015, the African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) is an African initiative having as purpose to create lucrative opportunities for people and enterprises so as to facilitate the economic development and emergence of the African Continent. It operates through an approach of providing adapted solutions to African problems.

As one of Africa’s most innovative business chamber organizations, ACC deploys itself through credible partnerships to build international reliable networks for business and thereby ensuring Africa’s rebirth. The chamber equally seeks to promote a significant growth rate in Africa’s productivity by matching efforts to expected benefits with the use of existing trade tools between Africa and her development partners, currently faced with huge challenges on modern technology in today’s business world.

We believe adapted skills and solutions to African Problems and good governance practices will generate increased productivity through competitive Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in response to Africa’s business potential. An all-inclusive approach to promote competition in products and services will enhance sustainable growth to the benefit of African businesses. ACC envisions that, economic stability of markets is obtainable through sustainable growth of SMEs.

Working towards everyone’s earnest desire!

People are eager to make money through and with Africa’s resources. ACC believes that by including Africans in the process, this would happen faster.

Innovative wealth creation mechanisms will create stable markets and avoid insecurity. ACC stands to bridge the digital economy gap by growing a more dynamic and significant middle class through SMEs in Africa. Local transformation of natural resources is one of the fastest ways to increase jobs and grow competitive businesses. Technology transfer is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to positively influence the growth ratings in Africa.”