The Diaspora is a very important vehicle to address issues concerning the civil status of Africans in the Diaspora and their ability to significantly impact economic emergence in African markets.

         ACC will address issues touching on dual citizenship or multiple nationalities through this commission, with the assistance of competent institutions and government officials to strongly impact the prosperity of business in meaningful ways.

This commission will ensure the use of ICTs for improved visibility and understanding of African assets and businesses in their day to day operations.

The absence of effective and timely communication creates a huge gap which is the cause of the digital divide within and outside the continent. This limitation leaves many African institutions and businesses several steps behind. Communicationis a recognized vehicle for Africa`s development and progress, lack of which constitutes a major handicap in the growth of African markets.

The advanced use of ICT’s is of strategic importance for Africa’s Economic emergence. ACC will therefore organize training workshops aimed at achieving growth in industry and development. They will identify key players and build lucrative partnerships for ACC and her members in this sector of activity.