The Finance and Investment commission identifies suitable investors and projects seeking investment opportunities in the African market.

The Finance and Investment commission works in partnerships with stake holders, who fund national or regional public and/or private financial institutions willing to corporate cooperate with ACC on economic programs and projects.

The Finance and Investment commission sources funding to assist partners involved in projects aimed at addressing poverty and hunger crisesby creating job opportunities. In partnership with foreign investment institutions the finance commission identifies Africans in the Diaspora interested in ACC‘s agenda.

The Finance and Investment commission hopes to partner with stakeholders in offering training workshops and conferences to interested persons, willing to raise awareness on practical methods of administrative finance, anti-corruption, accountability and auditing.

Identify lucrative partnership with existing reputable persons and institutions, performing same or related activities to build reliable and fortified networks to ease implementation of ACC’s Agenda or action plan. Participate to influence policy decisions on the FCFA and/or local currency implementation for African countries of the Franc zone