The Kribi Beach Fashion Week festival is an ACC initiative held on the side lines of the FICOTA (International Africa Manufacturing & Transformation Forum). It has as goal to show case the know-how of actors and entrepreneurs in the cotton,textile, fabrics and accessory or value Chain Industry through art, design, music, fashion parades and other entertainment activities including touristic site seeing ventures in exotic parks and forests. Not to forget swimming games in the attractive beach city of Kribi.

Through the use of Industrial designs and models, ACC offers this platform to exhibitors (in various sectors like, farm & animal agriculture, brewery, cooking, fishing, tailoring, spinning, dyeing, weaving, printing, telecommunication, IT, IP, show making, hairdressing esthetics etc.) from around the world as a window to show case theirproducts, services and brands, seek investment and partners,and acquire newskills and technology. Italso offersnetworking in the fashion industry forproducers and transformers of goods and services using local resources and labour in the quest to conquer new and competitivemarkets.

Though a mobile concept, KBFweek often takes place in Kribi (Cameroon), one of Africa`s most lucrative touristic and attractive deep sea port cities in Central Africa’s Gulf of Guinea.