The African Economic day is an all-inclusive annual initiative organised by the ACCwhich has as goal to enable Cameroonian businesses and their stake holding partners from all regions involved in food, crop, animal farming and related businesses to gather at a common venue. The idea is, to encourage local businesses to work together and appreciate doing business together for a collective profit in a true spirit of “vivre ensemble.”

The ACC economic day also offers a platform to address issues in agricultural sustainable development.

This unique and innovative platform aims at facilitating contact between major and junior entrepreneurs for enhanced visibility of their activities and possible lucrative partnership.

The ACC Economic day equally encourages the transformation of African extracted resources to provide added economic value through stable and competitive manufacturing industries thereby encouraging, creating and increasing job opportunities for the fast-growing African youth population. By attaining the above goals, the organisationintends to limit the premature exodus and migration of these youths for greener pastures, a major cause of the current world wide refugee crisis.