ACC’s International Africa Manufacturing & Transformation Forum is an ACC’s initiative o meet up with the need for the emergence and economic growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea sub-region and Cameroon in particular. The exchange days creates a suitable atmosphere for interactions, networking, exhibitions, meetings and reflections that brings together government decision-makers, SMEs, companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, executives, participants and exhibitors of the cotton textile industry in Cameroon and Africa.

FICOTA also facilitates discussions on enormous challenges that exist in the clothing industry through the transformation of African cotton into, fabrics, textiles and through innovative fashion designs with competitive initiatives to facilitate the emergence of African markets through solutions adapted to the African culture and reality. These actions are expected to increase the industrialization efforts of entrepreneurs and start-ups in order to ensure better production and competitiveness in Africa and elsewhere so as to conquer new markets.

The Forum also stands as an opportunity to highlight and make more visible the textile economic sector through improvement and innovation at the heart of the challenges of the African economy and in the CEMAC zone with recognised institutional partners and businesses. ACC’s believes the production and processing of local products and resources will foster the stable and sustainable economic growth of African states.