Welcome to The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce

The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce / The African Business Organisation (ACC/ABO) is to create financially rewarding Business institutions and opportunities in Africa for interested parties. Thus make money with Africans for Africa.


The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce is created against a background of great ambition and zeal observed from several governments and businesses to do competitive business with Africa.

The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce notes that multiple resolutions and declarations in several areas of business have been and will continue to be adopted at these multilateral meetings going forward.

ACC’s as one of Africa`s Networking business organizations aims at offering adapted solutions to African problems by Africans and her friends for the emergence and renaissance of the continent.


ACC will address issues of access to Arable Farm land in Africa with a view to addressing the limits in existing land laws at regional level. Africa needs enforceable and investment friendly laws upon which businesses can rely on, to optimize AGOA’s consumption in the continent;


ACC looks into migrant issues with major concern on how African migrants get equitable attention around the World.


ACC strongly commends the need to involve Africa’s diasporas in these efforts, by reaching out to willing Africans in the Diaspora committed to the daunting task of Africa`s Renaissance through culture, trade and commerce.


ACC notes, that past and current decisions should be matched by action and effective implementation by states, local governments and a strong civil society through private sector involvement in targeted projects.


ACC notes that, industrial production cannot be optimal if access to significant portions of farmland continues to be unavailable to businesses in Africa. Businesses need thousands and millions of hectares of farm land concessions to raise investment capital and compete in the global market.


ACC believes that, how we apply ICT’s in Africa would greatly impact Africa’s credibility to secure businesses and guarantee market stability and socio economic growth. Identifies key areas of focus which if addressed should change the ongoing dynamics. These activities will include.

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